Kate Nash, dream love and Chanel 2.55.

Woke up with sun. Perfect! Breathe the fresh air deeply. Look at the mirror and smile. Oh my God! Your hair looks beautiful and your skin is shining. Ok, its time to putting something on you. Mmh what would be perfect for today? Maybe a dress, yes definitely. A flimsy dress like you wear nothing. Have a leather jacket and change your look. Wouldn't be a Chanel 2.55 perfect with them? Oh, I'll take what I've got but dreaming 2.55. My eyeliner is ok, so come on get out from here. Oh I almost forget my iPod.

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Kate Nash. My Best Friend is You. Yeah in a day like this, she'll be my best friend. What will I do without her songs in a beautiful day like this? Her voice cheers me up. I'm swinging while walking and then sitting in the bus with a big smile on my face. They look at me, whatever!
I saw him when I walk out on the street. Wild wavy hairs, brunette skin, sly smile... There he is... Looking at me and I don't know what to say, just took my sweetest smile and little shy. "Come, hold my hand!" he said. "Where?" I wanna say but he continues quickly: "Let's travel around world. See pyramids, lost in Paris, going into the wild in Australia, dance till morning in Rio... Most important thing is, we will do all this things together. Ain't these songs have no meaning without you, you know?"

One kiss. One kiss that replies all of his questions and told everything inside me... And Kate Nash in the back screaming: "I love him, I love him, I love him".

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